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It's not fair to pinpoint. Asambhav was digitised and no duplicates were used in its development.

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Naseeruddin Shah was roped in to essay the role of the villain as he had worked with Rai as a hero in Tridev and as a villain in Mohra. He is killed as he attempts to apprehend Bhatnager. Mabroz tries to shoot Adit, but Adit kills him. Arya tries to finish Sarin, but Brar calls the police to get Arya and the ambassadors arrested.

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It has too many crooks spoiling the plot. Arya chases them, and Gazi Chetan Hansraj tries to attack Arya.

Asambhav official trailer arjun rampal naseeruddin shah priyanka chopra. Ash, Arjun Rampal to star in Asambhav. Asambhav was the first Indian film to be graded digitally on Luster. It was the first Indian movie to be shot in that location, vs studio 2010 in the longest filming schedule of any Indian film unit in Switzerland. The director Rajiv Rai and the supporting actor Naseeruddin Shah also sang in the movie.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. During the music launch, Rajiv Rai was interviewed on casting models in important roles. Arjun Rampal Priyanka Chopra. It was filmed in multi-camera setup. Shilpa is murdered when she finds this out, and Alysia pretends she knows nothing.

Loyalty, respect, commitment and friendship. Trivia Isha Khoppikar was approached for Dipannita Sharma's role. Priyanka Chopra is reduced to a glamour piece.

Baksh is a clever man, as he discovers an Indian spy in his group. He informs his friend Sam Hans about the situation as well as the Indian Embassy. On the flight, Adit meets Alisha Priyanka Chopra. Her friend Shilpa accompanies her.

Brar Tora Khasgir is a traitor. Arya shows the police his army card while Sarin and Brar flee. He kills General Ansari and all of Youssan's men. Arjun Rampal himself was a model.

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It was composed by Viju Shah. After the casting was finalised, Rajiv Rai flew to Switzerland and the film was shot in Ticino.

He is a clever man and keeps a cool head for most of the time. Raj Kundra's birthday wish for his wifey Shilpa Shetty will melt your hearts.

Adit reaches Youssan's headquarters, to free the president. But as expected, love finds a way of complicating the business of espionage, even as Arya fights to stay ahead of his targets before they get the best of him.

The lyrics were written by Sameer and Remo D'Souza was the choreographer of the music sequences. If heard in isolation the music lovers will probably be interested in the techno bit of the entire album. News - Asambhav Bijal Joshi on a happy mode with her theatrical debut.

It was the first Indian film to be graded digitally on Luster. Models have a lot of exposure, they are very confident in front of the camera. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Over-dramatic dialogues, deliberately forced songs and inflated action sequences make it quite a predictable and stodgy fare. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Arya and Bhatnagar find Parmar dead by the note, but Arya reveals that the ambassador is the traitor because of his head-stamp on the suicide note.

He has unintentionally passed the tender to Rafiq Mabroz for the vacations of the Indian president, for which he is upset. Mumbai Mumbai search close. She is the love interest of Adit. Arjun Rampal is good but the role does not offer him much scope. Once a hit director of films like Tridev and Vishwatama is now making one bad film after another.

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He is originally from Delhi, but he resides in Switzerland. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. She is accidentally killed by Volga, after both women try to kill Alisha and Kinjal, who dodge the attack. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. The film was shot entirely in Switzerland.

Tony works as a hit-man for gangster, Vikas Patil, who owes his allegiance to wealthy Raj Mallya. Dabral is killed by Zorba. Sarin tries to finish Hans, but Hans kills him to avenge the death of Brian. Brar and Volga Anupama Verma chase Alisha and Kinjal near a helicopter but kill each other in crossfire. However, in the midst of all the upbeat technology and heavy duty musical instruments, the tunes seem to be taking a back seat.

Sanjana and Aditya decide to give their marriage one last chance. Bijal Joshi on a happy mode with her theatrical debut. While most scenes were shot with four cameras, the action sequences consisted of seven camera units.

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Loyalty, Respect, commitment and love. Adit and Alisha fall in love.

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Brian is responsible for involving Alisha in the drugs smuggling. She is the love interest of Mabroz. Brar She is an associate to the Indian Ambassador G.