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Montage song shot on Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal and the rest of her family in the film. Its biggest drawback is the slowness Arjun's character takes to grow on us. As Ajay and Geetha are about to escape, Geetha's father arrives with his entourage and finds them. He threatens his son not to marry anyone except Lalasa.

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He decides to sacrifice his love and arrange Ajay and Geetha's wedding. After their marriage, Ajay arrives to their town and the trio decide to go away from the place before Geetha's family manage to catch up to them. The entire story is woven around Arya's character.

Emotions, sentiments, passion, craze and feelings. Its greatest asset is the riveting second half. The pair had lived in the same neighbourhood. Ajay, however, feels ashamed to say that Arya is his friend and avoids him. The next morning they wake up and realize that Ajay is missing.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Arya. Not only Aarya is expected to lead the pack in the long summer of seemingly never-ending releases but also give the hero of the film, Allu Arjun, indoor cycling music a new identity. The film opens dramatically with Arya Allu Arjun being carried into an operation theatre.

Being tired, the three go to bed. It was remade twice in Bengali. On hearing this, Arya undergoes a dramatic transformation. The film has its share of brilliance, especially the scenes between Brahmanandam and his team, conversations between Allu Arjun and Navdeep and the entire episode involving Ajay. The Soundtrack was an Unusual Hit.

Being embarrassed by the situation and helpless, Ajay sits down and starts to get frustrated. Her father, who is a gang lord in her hometown, wants to marry her off to the son of a rival gang lord in order to resolve the long-lasting conflict between the two gangs.

The soundtrack and background score were composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Aarya tries to convince Geetha that Ajay left to win over his father.

He also produces the films under his production company The Show People and is a partner in the Trivandrum -based Malayalam production company August Cinema. It was also recorded in Malayalam and Hindi. And after watching the film you also feel that here is a movie that is every inch worth its pre-release hype.

At this juncture, Geetha comes to know that Ajay too loves her. Upon release, the film was declared a Blockbuster. Sukumar began working on the script of his directorial debut Aarya in Vishakhapatnam before joining the sets of Vinayak's Dil.

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam. Geetha is touched and reflects on her fondness for Ajay, confusing it for love. Unknowingly, Ajay does so. Arya is rushed to the hospital where it is seen that Geetha is truly in love with Arya. But Arya convinces him almost in a threatening manner that he would be on his best behavior if he be given a job in Ajay's company.

Arya (actor)

Arya (actor)

He attempts to stab Ajay, but Arya rescues him and gets stabbed instead. One day he sees Geetha and proposes to her.

Either way we end up hallucinating under its influence! However, on the day of their wedding, Geetha is taken away by her family to her hometown. Hence turned out to be a blockbuster.

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Song describing the traits of the hero as a perfectionist in his office. His affection towards Ajay doesn't diminish despite the passage of years and he is ready to go to great lengths for the sake of their friendship. Anuradha Mehta and Siva Balaji were chosen for the other two lead roles. Romance, eternal love, mush, flowers, embraces, sacrifices, sunsets.

One day, Ajay is adopted by a rich family and happily leaves the orphanage, as well as Arya, behind him. It is a special package that consists of fun, entertainment, laughs, frolic, merriment, high times, bashes and more. Avataram agrees to get Ajay married to Geetha. Ajay's father, who initially pretended to accept his son's marriage with Geetha, turns tables upside down by introducing another girl Lalasa and announces that his son is going to marry Lalasa.