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Chizi Shodeh

Ive heard that you've just become so discouraged and you share your happy times with somebody. Tell me what did i hesitate to do for you? Khaterato faramoosh mikonam mo be mosho, boro ba har ki ke delet mikhad robero sho. As a translator, I know how it would be hard for you to translate all of those slang and sometimes meaningless phrases. Ya ke barax nesbat be to bi arzeshe?

My dearest Cametaa, you did a great job. Hope you like it, also I hope the band retires asap! Bedun dige vase man morde kasi ke ye roozi ba donya avaz nemikardam ye done mosho. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Sweetie, you can't advertise for your brother or his group this way.

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Mesle man hazere ba donya ham avaz nakone hata ye done az on tare mohato? Onam mesle mane o taasob dare ro to?

Armin- Chizi shode- Ghalbam Hi there again! Chizi Shodeh Chie chizi shodeh?

Ke javabe khoobimo bedi ba badiat, mage nemigofti fargh kardi ba ghadimat? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The bells of Notre Dame Reprise. Che khosh khialam, be fekre inke dobare to behem zang bezani shaba ta sob bidaram, How optimistic i am!

Like me, would he refuse to trade a single hair of you for the world? You said you had changed from your past, didn't you?

Armin 2AFM Chizi Shode

Chizi Shodeh English translation. Hi, Could you please double check, rar volume there is some lines missing in the translation. Add new translation Add new request. Added in reply to request by saharnemati. Im awake all night long thinking that you might call me!

Who would you like to be by your side instead of me?

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Popular Artists Popular Songs. Does he care about you like i do? Whatever God wants happens!

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