Apollo 18

The most likely landing site was the crater Gassendi. You look around and you can find so many video clips of reputable individuals talking about things like contact with aliens, aliens visiting earth and even the missing moon stones over the years.

Audible Download Audio Books. It's actually fairly entertaining as it goes. Let us know at community space. Anderson makes his way back to the Liberty and takes off to connect back with the Freedom, and return home with the collections intact. There's a reason we've never gone back to the moon.

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Martin My name is Doctor Reznov. John Grey was less prominently featured in earlier versions of the film.

Did Russia really have a lunar lander? The hope was to find large craters that were full of ancient rocks from the deepest crevices of the moon. The pair find themselves unable to contact Houston or Grey due to increased levels of interference from an unknown source. After consuming this data I firmly believe these creatures are custom made by higher aliens.

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The Truth Behind Apollo 18 and the Missing Moon Rocks - UFO Insight

The Truth Behind Apollo 18 and the Missing Moon Rocks - UFO Insight

Despite being cancelled, the film follows the idea that instead the spacecraft was launched as a Department of Defence top-secret mission that is actually disguised as a simple satellite launch. Before the cancellation, Schmitt was pressing for a more ambitious landing in Tycho or the lunar farside. The small rocks saved from the Moon are seen to be afloat in the craft as it descends.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. An inspection reveals extensive damage to Liberty and their flag shredded.

The alien then leaves the shot, concluding the first alternate ending. Learn more More Like This. When Anderson refuses to let him in, he tries to break the lander's window with a hammer. This one page of images will show an apparent old pile of rocks gradually peel off and leave in presence of Chinese Rover. The Truth Behind The Film.

You can contact Ian via email. The rest is all caught on remote cameras, the audience being allowed to see the threat before the crew do, privy to the danger the Department of Defence has exposed them to. Did We Really Go to the Moon? Given that so many rocks have since vanished from the thousands brought back, is it possible that this film has predated a small collection of aliens that are now roaming free?

Anderson finds a rock sample on the floor of Liberty despite having secured the samples. Some have no apparent method of moving and appear to spend their lives buried in the lunar soil.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. What's the real reason why we never went back to the moon? National Academy of Sciences. The film may be categorized as entirely fiction, but it certainly creates some very unique parallels between what many people believe to have happened and what we are told happened to these rocks. The lander's engines shut off as it enters orbit, and it is in free fall.

This section needs expansion. Walker is attacked by the creatures on his helmet, and his head explodes, killing him.

He is also interested in space, physics and science in general. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This section does not cite any sources. Portrayed through the various cameras feeding live footage back to Earth we have a Big Brother style look into the doomed from the start space mission.

The following day the pair find that the flag they had planted is missing. However, funding was reduced time and time again as people refused to put their hard-earned cash into a fruitless venture beyond our own world. Conspiracies have, obviously, blown up since the internet and especially since the advent of things like blogging and social media. The source of the creepy events, when it's finally revealed, is profoundly dull, like a forgettable episode of The X-Files or Fringe. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

The Truth Behind Apollo 18 and the Missing Moon Rocks

Apollo 18 Offers Conspiracy Theory

Walker later denies the events. They film themselves on the moon's surface as well as personal records in the module. An abrupt end to the footage and an unknown result is given about the remaining astronauts, or indeed their fates. Unable to gain access to ancient rocks on Earth, it was hoped this would give science new knowledge and further power over the solar system. The film is distributed by Dimension Films.

But his illusion of found footage does not stand up at all well. Stolen by rogues and thieves is usually the answer provided, but what if there is more to it than that? Querying Houston for more information back home, they are told to proceed with the mission. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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By utilizing the improvements in technology gained from the earlier Apollo flights, it was hoped that humanity would be further strengthened by the knowledge gained from future moon flights. If budgets were the only thing that held Apollo back, herosoft 3000 then why has this not been corrected? It shows with sufficient realism what the actual Apollo astronauts did and how we as a planet reached for the stars. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. British Board of Film Classification. Later in the planning process the most likely landing site was the crater Gassendi. Grey remains in orbit aboard the Freedom command module while Walker and Anderson land on the Moon in the lunar module Liberty.

While planting one of the detectors, the pair take rock samples. However, the release dates for other territories vary.

Apollo 18 Offers Conspiracy Theory