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Id primary injector settings. What version of windows do you have and what serial converter do you have? This screen can tell the user if any sensor is in use or malfunctioning. The background image is Mr. Commander sold separately Commander is not required but will work if you have one and want to use it.

Interesting, gaana app is there any advantage to this software over the datalogit program that most poeople use. You can review your logged data or live streaming data on the embedded strip chart software. Is datalogic as available and free? Check out the screen shots!

The only problem i can't see base fuel map. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Its definitely a pretty piece of software. Author Write something about yourself.

Like the other virtual gauges, the data driving it is logged and replayed, so the gauges all work when replaying. Download and Discussion - Engine Management.

There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. It appears its finally on its last stages of development. Agreed - this guy is a bloody wizard! Now I'm no genius but I know one when I meet one! We would like to invite everyone who shares this passion to join our team, we are here to offer you our support and expertise.


Hot thread with new posts. If you would like to shcedule a Dyno tune or you would like one of our tuners to travel to your location to tune your car on location please send us an email or call.


Apexi Power Fc Tuning Guide. The long answer is they lease the software to Apexi Exel dealers in Japan. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It will be updated after finishing all the preplanned development which has to be completed before making the software open source.

APEXI Power FC Engine Computers

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Accessories Brakes Clutch Cooling Suspension. Getting hold of Datalogit is essentially impossible in my experience. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


What is the cause of gear failure? Can do map tracer plotting a sensor.

Air flow correction values can be entered for vehicles upgrading air flow meters. You can compare any two runs. Not all of these have not been tested, but should work with at least some of the sensors out there. Its madness, this guy is a god. Do you have a link to the latest build?

Complete boost control is possible by using the optional Boost Control Kit. News, products, problems and results. Disregard the part of the document that talks about licensing and payment. Oops don't know what happened to this post.

You can also add watches to display individual or logged streams of data. Is that auto tune as in closed loop wideband calibration? If you want, the Dynamometer window will open automatically when there is new data. The factory engine harness does not need to be replaced and all critical accessories such as air conditioning continue to function.

You can also print, of course. Nobody uses injector drivers anymore? It doesn't have to be named. Attachments may only be downloaded by paid Gold members. Is that all too much to ask?

FC Datalogit - Tuning Software for your APEXi Power FC

Posts that are unanswered. Included another background bitmap for the temperature guages in the setup package, so when you switch temp.

Have sent away an email to join their user group, will see if I actually get any response! Peak Hold values and Display Hold functions only require the touch of a button. This email is already in use. Your shopping cart is empty.

When you unzip the demo folder, it must end up under your Auto. The Acceleration Enrichment Correction function improves response under hard and sudden acceleration.

Access menus also vary according to specific applications. Email This email is already in use. Tips before getting my car tuned?

This was ordered for a customer and due to personal reasons he had to put it up for sale. Save me wading through posts. Even if big changes are made we will always be able to give a special re-tune price to returning customers, just send us an email or give us a call!