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The movie does a very good job of capturing the teens and their times. As a teen exploitation film, this movie accurately describes, interprets, and expresses the mind of a teenager and incredibly gives any teenage viewer a sense of closure.

In some instances, during indoor takes, extras were paid to stand outside surrounding the windows and doors to block the snow falling behind the actors. Full of humor and nostalgia, Adventureland is a sweet, insightful coming-of-age comedy that will resonate with teens and adults alike. Is it worth getting knifed over? Margarita Levieva as Lisa P. The next morning, his mother angrily wakes him up and tells him he has to pay to repair it with his summer earnings.

The following day, James tells Connell about his strong feelings for Em, which Connell reports to her. James tells Em about going out with Lisa P.

The film was also screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. At the Stardust Lounge she is surprised to learn James has never had sex. Between the intimate cinematography to the wonderful soundtrack, Adventureland is a triumph, and a thoroughly enjoyable, honest treat.

Em tells James she wants to take things slow due to problems in her life, leaving James confused and upset. Crazy Credits A commercial for the Adventureland amusement park can be seen during the end credits. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. Featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, and Margarita Levieva, the cast is fairly strong and delivers some pretty good performances.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Adventureland Critics Consensus Full of humor and nostalgia, Adventureland is a sweet, insightful coming-of-age comedy that will resonate with teens and adults alike.

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After hearing of this, Em goes to Connell's mother's home to end their affair. Film in the United States portal s portal.

Look, am I gonna get in trouble? After Connell talks him into going, he accepts Lisa P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the conversation, Em persuades James to join her in the house's swimming pool.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. No one's ever supposed to lose a giant-ass panda. After Em leaves the pool, James follows only to jump back into the water in humiliation when Frigo announces to the partygoers that he saw James having an erection while leaving the pool. Postworks as David Hastings. Shocked to see James, Em becomes tongue-tied.

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Dark Phoenix Lands with a Thud. List of films at the Sundance Film Festival. It proves Mottola has a sweet sensibility for intimate grins, as well as broad yuks. Joel later sees James and Em walking together and, irritated by the chain of events, quits. Theatrical release poster.

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However, financial problems force him to look for a summer job instead of traveling abroad, which places him at Adventureland, reference checker software a run-down amusement park in western Pennsylvania. He gets out of his wet clothes and Em offers him an Adventureland T-shirt. Adventureland Theatrical release poster. Was this movie filmed at Adventureland in New York?

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What song plays when Lisa P is back? With her father and stepmother away, Em throws a party and gets to know James. James tells her he sees her in a different way than she sees herself. Webarchive template wayback links Film articles using image size parameter. Sadly this film went under the radar and wasn't given the acclaim it deserved.

James reveals he will work, then attend Columbia University next year. But Stewart makes you care anyway. Outraged, Em calls Sue an anti-Semite in front of other staff members in defense of Joel. Touched, Em brings James up to her apartment. They listen to his mixtape and share a first kiss on the way home.


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She is reluctant to talk to him, feeling she has ruined everything. Jesse Eisenberg as James Brennan. Upon noticing that all the park employees know, Em quits and moves back to New York. She told the rest of the world, but I'm not gonna lie. On the other hand, the soundtrack is remarkably effective at setting a tone and at providing a feel for the characters and settings.