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The film comes up with a couple of one liners, some better than others. Watch under your own risk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


In order to escape crime and clutches of a ruthless mafia, a Bangkok based hit man seeks the help of his lookalike, a Mumbai based goon. British Board of Film Classification. Essentially, then, the film portrays a fantasy Detroit, where racism has indeed become a thing of the past that its all but forgotten. Learn more More Like This.

Yeah, some say he didn't even have a mother. The style of murder triggers suspicion to Xavier. Ajay Devgn, Shahid Kapoor, Prabhas. The notion that Hollywood does dramatic or otherwise serious films is a myth Hollywood likes to drag out at the Academy Awards. Jai then escaped to India and is in the process of getting her treated.

Vishi Ajay Devgn is a small-time crook who would do anything for money. Albert, your mother and father weren't by any chance brother and sister, were they? The direction of the film is fairly tight. But by then it was also clear that this audience wasn't going to tolerate being relegated to pimp and gang roles, at least not completely. One awesome aspect to this movie is playing Spot the Familiar Face.

Dellaplane kills his wife Patrice by shooting her. It's often so damn silly that it's hilarious. If only that were really true! When Vishi spots Jai, he reveals his identity and story to Vishi. Dellaplane won't miss Patrice very much, because he has a drug-addicted mistress named Sydney Ash.

International Business Times. But Dellaplane himself is violent as well.

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So if you're not making action films or comedies, you're not in Hollywood. Khushi tries to explain to Vishi that she loves him, he understands and they both start falling in love.

On another occasion, a police inspector arrests Jai and hands him over to a group of gangsters led by Pedro Ketan Karande. Written by Todd Baldridge. Vengence drives a tough Detroit cop to stay on the trail of a power hungry auto magnate who's systematically eliminating his competition. Trivia When Jackson is taken captive at the Pool Hall, Sydney invents a cover story about him being delusional and thinking that he was a Holy messenger.

Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Later it was revealed to be safe who was rescued by one of a man Razzak Khan of Xavier. Watch our trailer of trailers. And lots of them turn up - Thomas F.

Action Jackson

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Presented by Microsoft Surface. Audible Download Audio Books. The gangster and his gang brutally beat up Vishi, and easily escape the scene. The goons escape when they hear the siren, and Vishi is found alive on a bike, then the same goons get beaten brutally by Vishi.

One of the problems had been that people critical of blaxploitation had missed the fact that Hollywood only does two type of films with any regularity, the action film Western, Sci-Fi, crime, etc. An oil-field worker from Texas journeys to Australia to look for his missing sister, and his search winds up getting him involved with a violent drug-smuggling gang. It is then revealed that the person they had beaten is actually Vishi's lookalike, Jai. Watching this Ajay Devgn starrer is like entertaining yourself.

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Of course, the wife and the security man immediately hit it off. Marina tortures Musa to know the truth.

The reason why this film is not better remembered as the return of the black action hero is clearly because of the script. Redirected from Action Jackson Hindi film.

Prabhu Deva and Ajay Devgn have paired for the first time with this film. Jackson gets Sydney's help in going after Dellaplane. While it is a pretty standard genre flick in some respects maverick hero, psychotic and ambitious bad guy, beautiful women, angry boss, lots of explosions, etc.

Just witness our hero's attempts to take down a cab driving goon. Also, two years before everybody in America would discover who Jackie Chan was and that he came from somewhere called Hong Kong, there are some terrific stunts in this film.

But, again, that was exactly what was needed to get African Americans back into action films - i. And then he plants her body in Jackson's apartment, framing Jackson. Goofs When Jackson is on the roof of the taxi, the driver fires his gun through the roof, santhosh subramaniam ringtones making several holes.

Patrice Dellaplane Thomas F. Taimak, Vanity, Christopher Murney. In the s, Vanity cast off her stage name and became an Evangelical Christian.

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When the taxi crashes a few seconds later, there are no holes. So the movie is naturally full of great stunt work. Theatrical release poster. John Stamos, Vanity, Gene Simmons.

In his first starring vehicle, Carl Weathers once again shows off effortless charisma and his incredibly chiseled body. He keeps Sydney hooked with a free supply of heroin. Dellaplane's mission is to gain a political power base and choose the next president of the United States. You can also see the scaffolding at the bottom of the scene for the camera, also protected with a mattress.