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Public Domain Clip Art is a platform providing free clipart to teachers and everyone else in need of artwork for their educational or learning project. You can also filter results by License type, and even by orientation depending on what kind of clipart you need for your project. In addition for being a resource for free clip art, Clip Art Pal also functions as a portal to connect teachers with other free resources.

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Clip Art For Teachers

This site outperforms the competition when it comes to organization. Make sure to check each specific photo to see if a citation is required. What is great about ClipartPal is the diversity of clipart arranged into many categories and subcategories. Most assets are vector shaped which makes them very easy to edit with an appropriate software.

Browse our characters now. The best strategy for using free resources is to have several you can use depending on what you need.

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Some of these websites also include photos, icons, backgrounds and more visual assets that will make your project super fun and interesting. The database is built from user-submitted images and covers several categories. Classroom Clip Art makes a case for being the largest clip art database on the Internet. Furthermore, you can explore the paid options which let you download multiple assets.

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Thousands of vector graphics for your projects. The website gets updated on a regular basis. They also have animated gifs that can spice up a presentation. This means it is free to use without any worry of copyright infringement. Navigation is also made easy by how the large categories are divided into specific subcategories.

It also has pictures of pastoral states like Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. It is also a great resource for photos of specific cities. Besides the diversity of free clipart for teachers, the good thing about this platform is it lets you edit the assets before you download them.

Free Clipart for Teachers Top 12 Sources to Find What You Need

As the name suggests, all of this clip art is in the public domain. You can view images by collection, perform an advanced keyword search, and even search for free lesson plans.

Public Domain Photos Although this site may not have the most extensive selection, it is one of the better clip art sites on the web. With that being said, Clip Art Pal has enough of a selection in the public domain to cover what you need. It can serve as a great source for teachers of computer art. In the platform, there is a huge diversity of resource types.

You just have to be careful to offer credit for the photo if the photographer requires. Besides photos, on Pixabay you can browse videos, vector graphics, illustrations, and free clipart for teachers. Png file formats, so you can easily edit them and put them in your projects. This way you will easily find the kind of illustration you need for your project.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Png, so you can use them just the way they are or alter the colors to fit into your educational project better.

Luckily, the Internet has opened up a plethora of free resources for teachers. Luckily, there is a category of Clipart with sub-categories that you may find useful. It has a large list of public domain photos, as well as a bunch of royalty free photos.

What makes this site more valuable is the links to other clip art sites. The files available on FreePik are. As the website suggests, all resources available for download on the platform are free, including graphic material for learning. Luckily, winzip softonic the site has a section with free clipart for teachers.

As the name suggests, ClassroomClipart provides graphics, pictures and free clipart for teachers, students, parents and everyone else. You will find backgrounds, icons, items, illustrations and pretty much all kind of free clipart for teachers and presenters. One of the best features of this site is the uniqueness of some of the categories. Clip Art Pal In addition for being a resource for free clip art, Clip Art Pal also functions as a portal to connect teachers with other free resources. Assets in the platform are usually.

Free Clip Art for Teachers

It is easy to navigate and free from the ad clutter that can slow down some of the other clip art sites, which can come in handy if your classroom has a slower Internet connection. You are free to change the clipart according to your project. What is great about this platform, is that it provides a rich navigation with categories and sub-categories. All images are absolutely free to use even for unlimited commercial projects.

You will find resources for learning, teaching, education and more. These photos can also be printed and used to decorate the classroom. In addition, there is a number of assets belonging to each category next to its name. There is also a big selection of architecture, tools, flags, and maps.

All files are available in. Many teachers shell money out of pocket every year for basic supplies for their students.

What makes this site one of the best on the list is the extensive list of categories. Here are nine free websites that offer clip art for students and teachers. You made it all the way to the bottom! One of these resources is free clip art sites. Everything is free to download.