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3D Animated Wallpapers

Directly below those, you can select a time period for each of the wallpapers to remain on the desktop for before switching to another space background. Use this opportunity to discover the mystifying elements of space. There are two Snow Settings bars that you can drag to configure the snow effects with.

Every time it turns on, you'll be taken into another dimension of underwater delight. Then moving the cursor will generate some wave water effects on the desktop.

Several wonderful landscapes. If you drag that bar further left, the snow will have limited visibility on the desktop. Drag the Brightness bar to customize the snow visibility. With DreamScene Video Wallpaper you can greatly enhance your desktop by playing videos as background wallpaper.

Drag it to the far right to maximize the amount of snow fall. These animated wallpapers liven up your desktop by moving wonderful things around on your screen, while you simply marvel at them. Click the Shuffle check box to configure the wallpapers as a slideshow that displays each background for a specific time.

Click Download under a wallpaper thumbnail there to save its Zip folder. The best way for you to do this is to download an animated wallpapers and place it on your desktop.

Or click the Color Scheme drop-down menu to choose alternative colors for the wallpapers. Normally, ecr tool we like to customize it with our individual style in order to make people know that this computer is ours.

Quite a number of these backgrounds also display wonderful natural sceneries, making them to look really cool as they move on your desktop. Want an even wider variety of animated wallpaper?

DesktopHut - Animated Wallpaper Live Wallpaper Animated Wallpapers

Animate your desktop with the effect of space wormhole! There you can choose some alternative effects by clicking the thumbnails. These days, nearly everyone has a personal computer at their homes and offices. Select the animated wallpaper from there to add it to the desktop as below. You can select a few alternative water effects from there.

Select the Wave from cursor moving check box option. Run through the setup to add the program and its water effects to your desktop as shown below.

You can adjust the audio configuration for the wallpapers with that bar. You can choose a variety of winter themed wallpapers from that window.

Then click the setup wizard to add the program to Windows and launch the software.

3D Animated Wallpapers

We have available at this site a large number of live wallpapers and you can choose the one that suits your personal preferences and interests. The cursor can also have some impact on the water effects. Some of the animated desktop wallpapers might also have audio. The wallpapers and screen savers add a lot of extra gloss to Windows, and will certainly liven up your desktop. Far-away stars entice you to explore the immeasurable boundaries of space.

There are a few customization options you can select from this window. Animate your desktop with the effect of going into hyperspace! If you like water, ripples, rain, and waves, this live wallpaper will brighten up your day. That is the reason why people download a large number of animated wallpapers for their personal computers daily from this site. Animate your desktop with the effect of hyperspace jump!

Whatever your age, you will certainly love watching these moving wallpapers. When you're ready to download any live wallpaper of you like, just click on the download icon placed beside each wallpaper, and it will begin to download in a matter of few seconds. The Density bar effectively adjusts how much snow falls. There are a few customization settings for the animated wallpapers.

Add Some Space Wormholes to the Desktop with Space Journey 3D

Animated falling snowflakes on your desktop does not prevent job. Add life to your desktop wallpaper!

Animate your desktop with the effect of soft shines! If you drag that bar to the far left, a black background replaces the wallpaper as below. You can choose any of the flags or load a picture of your own flag. Animate your desktop with the effect of space dust! One great thing about these wallpapers is that should you get tired of watching the same images each day, just head back to the site and pick another one to download!

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