2002 Audi A4 Owners Manual

Audi Allroad Owners Manual

For this reason, please contact a qualified work- shop if the system is not working properly. Both exterior mirrors should be mounted The trailer connector must be properly secured in the vehicle on hinged extension brackets. The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again.

Use and combine only the approved run flat tyres and rims. They can be purchased and installed at an Audi they start to sway sideways.

Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident. The selector lever lock engages automatically if the brake pedal is not depressed and the The selector lever lock prevents gears from being lever is in position N for more than about a second. Driving time This display shows the period of time which has elapsed since the memory was last cancelled.

The degree of power assistance will, however, no longer adapt to different speeds. Where sun blinds are fitted on the rear doors, these must not obstruct or impair the airbags in any way. The vehicle documents vary depending on the country of residence. The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts. The steering lock acts as a theft deterrent.

Also check operation of clock and. Control Module prior to disconnecting. Roof Carrier Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage roof. Make sure that the Audi rings are facing upwards.

2002 Audi Allroad Owners Manual

Check that the washer fluid reservoir is full before starting a long journey. All the elements of this system are available from Audi dealers. This is available from Audi inside the control console.

Page Please note that the following list, while correct at the time of printing, is subject to alterations. Cruise Control System Once it detects that the Audi hold assist can be switched on only when the driver's door vehicle is stopped, Audi hold assist keeps the vehicle stationary. It must never be allowed to run across the neck. Instrument cluster overview Note The instrument cluster is the driver's information centre.

Yellow symbols are accompanied by one warning chime. Page This is no cause for concern. The arm will move back automatically to secure the cup. They are always glad to answer your queries and note any suggestions you may have.

2002 Audi A4 Owners Manual

Always keep the compartment cover closed while the vehicle is in motion to reduce the risk of injury during a sudden braking manoeuvre or in the event of an accident. The relevant safety requirements must be observed when the vehicle or components of the system are scrapped. This warning lamp monitors the Audi hold assist function. The appli- sockets ances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating of W. However, this can be greatly reduced by obstacles buildings, etc.

2002 Audi Allroad Owners ManualAudi A4 Owners Manual

The green indicator lamp confirms that the system is fully functional. In these situations the occupants are protected by wearing the seat belts. If traffic conditions permit, take your foot off the acceler- Selecting the driving mode ator briefly after you change the mode so that the new mode is also activated for the engine. Do not connect Volt appliances to the Volt Euro socket. All luggage and other objects must be safely secured in Never place objects in the driver's footwell.

Audi A4 Owners Manual

The side assist system has inherent limitations in some situations. Please ask your Audi dealer or qualified workshop whether run flat tyres can be used on your vehicle.

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Switch on the ignition do not start the engine. If you notice unusual vibration or the car pulling to one side, this may indicate General notes that one of the tyres is damaged. Note The settings are stored on the remote control key in use. In this setting, the driver will be warned when a wheel crosses a lane marking.

Unauthorised use of these tyres System Component on the sidewall. The head-protection airbags work together with the side airbag system to give extra protection in a side impact. The airbag releases a fine dust when it inflates. If the warning lamp Note goes out, this means the system is fully functional. Always keep the road ahead within your field of late the time at which a collision can be avoided only by emergency vision.

Obtain anti-theft radio security code if necessary. System - The Audi braking guard system can be switched on and off. The target speed you When setting the distance, the driver is responsible for adhering have set is marked by diodes in the speedometer. When towing on a loose surface there is always a risk of overloading and damaging the anchorage points.

Your authorised Audi dealer is familiar with these regulations and will be pleased to pass on the information to you. Audi dealers are familiar with the method of installation and any modifications which may be required for the cooling system. Page If you intend to fit protective covers over the seats, hd tube these must be of the specific type approved for use on Audi seats with side airbags. Owners either adore it or find it uncomfortable.

They warn you Please ensure that this Owner's Manual is always kept in the vehicle. The paddle levers are activated when the selector lever is in position D or S, or the position for the manual shift programme tiptronic. Manual release of the boot lid Fig. The sun visors can improve visibility and contribute to safety.

Audi Allroad Owners Manual

2002 Audi A4 Owner s Manuals