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Many different weapons and abilities. Shadow of a Warrior Train Sinjad as a balanced fighter, warrior, spellcaster, or ninja. Sleep Walking Engage in a world on the edge of reality and illusion. Night Flies Provide an open path for the light seeking bugs to pick up and place circular lanterns into sockets by moving objects.

Traverse the two parallel worlds by using the mirrors in his house and solving this mystery. Upgrade bows and customize arrows. Enter the hanger to purchase armor and weapon upgrades. Medieval Rampage Launch barrages of arrows at approaching enemies. Race around nine tracks to crash, smash, and blast your way to victory.

Hidden Dimensions A space themed card game. Upgrade the alliance and send soldier units into the opposition end zone. Help the king defend the land from invading pirates. Clear the screen to complete each level.

Shoot combatant droids and stay alive by avoiding enemy fire. Complete fire fighting and rescue operations in the fastest time possible. Trigger events at the correct time to pass. Infected Blood Search the zombie infested desolated town for weapons and an escape vehicle.

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Drive across to pass each level. The gameplay has adventure modes and sniper elements. Zombie Tower Defense Uprise Place the proper ground and air defense towers as well as sensor towers to protect the brains from hungry zombies.

Find the key and make it to the exit door. American Racing Build up the boost meter by drafting behind other cars. Deploy ships, energy resource structures, watch house of anubis season 3 online no and action cards.

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Steal cars, take jobs, and earn as much money as you can before getting busted by the cops. Global Chaos Switch between four super heroes from the Avengers movie to utilize their unique special abilities and pass each level. Start with five lives and gain a life by collecting coins. Purchase weapons between rounds. Find the exit to complete each level.

Fire Fighting Rescue Manage a fire station as commanding officer. Droid Assault Robot battle arena.

Whats In The Box Each level in this game is mini-puzzle which provides a graphical clue to solving it and opening the box. Battle Area Attempt to take out all of the enemies in the planetary complex by carefully avoiding fire.

High Dive Hero Score a combined total points in three dives by flipping and performing moves. Battle against fellow students to progress each floor inside the tower of sages.

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Compete in an entire season of stock car racing challenges. Pomg Pomg offers a new twist on the classic Pong game by controlling the movement of the ball instead of the paddles.

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Road of Fury Safely transport a convoy of three weaponized vehicles across the desert landscape. Protect your base by throwing boulders, or shooting. Unlock achievements and upgrade the truck after attempts.

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Press spacebar to activate shields. Gooballs Connect the same colored goo balls by launching them from the goo tube.

Endeavor Navigate the maze-like landscape to help the strange creatures that exist there. Upgrade defenses between waves.